Soul Sisters

A very, very special girlfriend of mine came to visit us few weeks ago from Bay Area. Kelly is someone I love and adore deeply and passionately. She’s the Godmother to Jalen and Jonah. She has been there for me for the last decade and as our friendship continues to grow and strengthen, I miss her on daily basis and cannot imagine my life without her.

We met at Polo Ralphy Lauren, during our ‘career transition’ phase in our lives. She moved to California from New Jersey (she’s originally from Michigan) to be with the love of her life, Rob. She came to Bay Area on a business trip once upon a time and decided that’s where she wanted to live. Rob, her ‘soul mate’, is also Jalen and Jonah’s Godfather. He has also been there for us. Every time we moved, along with Kelly, he came to help us pack and move. He even came over few times to help me fix things around the house when Jason was out of commission by breaking both of his ankles. That’s a whole another story we won’t get in to today. 😉

When we worked at PRL, she recalls how I used to make her laugh everyday at work. I think she’s the only person in the world that thinks I am really funny. I love making her laugh. She has one of those heartfelt laugh that is contagious. When she laughs, she really does LOL! But as life would have it, we both left that glamorous jobs (it seems like that on the outside, but it was really hard physically and mentally working so many hours on your feet) for different careers and our friendship has flourished in ways I could have never imagined.

So many days and nights were spent at her cozy home doing fun things like cooking, eating, and well, just spending real quality time together. She took me to some of my favorite concerts. She even rented a lake house one winter in Stinson beach for the weekend and I was so excited to be invited. I got to meet her best friend from college, Connie. Just as I had thought, she was lovely as Kelly and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Three of us had an amazing time connecting on so many levels… This was all during when I was dating Jason, before marriage and kids… I had a blast. Without a doubt. Oh, how I felt so free back then doing whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Now, we both live far away from each other, wishing and hoping we lived closer to one another like we have before. Even a simple phone call seems to be more than challenging at times to catch up. With 2 young boys now with me 24/7, time flies by so fast and we are growing old together. Like an old couple that can’t get enough of each other. I secretly think Jason gets jealous of our relationship sometimes. 😉 I can honestly say I never take her for granted and feel so blessed and grateful that she has become such a huge part of my life, to our little growing family.

So many people come in to your life and help you shape who you are as a person. Kelly for me has done so much in so many ways. I think God sent her to me because he knew, as an only child, I needed a friend, a sister like her to make me whole… No amount of money or treasure in this world could replace My Kelly-Belly.

I LOVE YOU KELLY with all my heart and soul.




Did you ever plan with this toy when you were little? Such a fun little toy that can entertain a child for hours!


Kelly was in awe of the lighting on our deck and boy, was she right. I didn’t notice or appreciate it until she helped me realize how beautiful our backyard could be. This lighting was so perfect in capturing Jalen’s playful disposition.

kellysvisit_0010.jpgMy Jonah-bear. He’s 10 months old now going on 11 months soon. He’s more cautious than Jalen was at his age. He loves to crawl really fast trying to keep up with his older brother, loves dancing to music and he has completed this family in full circle.
kellysvisit_0013.jpgJonah was so comfortable with Kelly. I think he remembered her from when we were stayed with her in August for his first trip to Bay Area. When I have some more time, I’ll get around to editing those photos and will post it soon.
kellysvisit_0014.jpgKelly never had any kids of her own… and I know she would have been a loving mother had she had her own. Luckily for Jonah and Jalen, they get all of her love and attention.kellysvisit_0016.jpgAs Kelly said, “I really think I bonded with Jonah on this trip.” I agree 150%. Look how happy they are. It melts my heart…kellysvisit_0018.jpg

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