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I can’t say enough about Shelley that will accurately portray her talent and ability to capture exactly what you want when you didn’t even know what you wanted. We booked her for a maternity lifestyle session even though I was really hesitant to do maternity photos. I mean no disrespect to the many different styles of maternity photos out there but I was not crazy about anything I saw. Then there came Shelley! She captured this moment in our lives perfectly–a moment we waited 13 years to experience! She made me feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful in a body that was twice it’s normal size. The images she took had our family and friends talking and commenting about how special and different they were. We can’t thank or praise Shelley enough. And we can’t wait to see what she does during our newborn session when our baby girl arrives in April. Thank you Shelley! I look forward to the day my girl is old enough to enjoy and see the first pictures you took of her. Celeste F.

Shelley took my daughters birth photos. I knew early on I wanted that time documented because I didn’t want my husband busy taking photos and not really present with me. SMP far exceeded my greatest wishes for that day. Not only do I have the most amazing pictures of the moment my daughter was born, but honestly something far greater that I didn’t even know I wanted… pictures of my son meeting and holding his baby sister for the first time and all four of us a new family. I am getting emotional just thinking back on that day. So very blessed that she captured the moments, precious precious moments that could never be staged or duplicated. She went far above what you would expect a photographer to do. Her heart was full of love and compassion and her tenderness is so evident when you see her work! Lorraine J.

I have printed and hung many of the photos from our family session with Shelley! She captured so many fun and fleeting moments for us, I will treasure these images always. Leilani R.

Shelley’s presence & professionalism make the fact that she ends up as family the best part of working with her. To capture the right moment & how she puts everyone at ease is a genuine skill. I have done multiple photo shoots with Shelley & 3 of my most prized photographs are because of her – boudoir of me, 1 year old photo shoot of my daughter & a candid one of my dog (all 3 irreplaceable!) plus may more framed on my walls. She captures full expressions & has a knack for very vivid colors. Kathy & Mark A.

I met Shelley through Bump Club and she has been photographing my boys for a few years now. She always puts them at ease, and in turn truly captures their personalities! Our sessions are always so fun, and she picks the best locations resulting in beautiful photos that we can’t wait to share. We look forward to working with her again! Highly highly recommend! Luisa I.

Although Shelley tried to convince me she isn’t a wedding a photographer, my wife and I were so set in her style that we were positive she was the perfect person for us. Holly and I didn’t like the typical wedding photos, and as a filmmaker, I have pretty high standards on a look. Our photos were so perfect, they were original, elegant and the most out of the box picture taking for a wedding. I still get people asking who took our photos because the are so beautiful. Shelly herself is very personable and someone I will always have in my circle. I highly recommend all of her work. When it comes time for us to have another moment in our lives to capture you can bet I’ll be calling her. Andrew & Holly B.

I always wanted to have professional photos taken of my growing family on a regular basis, but choosing a photographer can be a difficult process. It is important to find someone that you feel comfortable with and understands your family. I met Shelley through my involvement with Bump Club Austin and we really hit it off. I asked Shelley to photograph my family for our holiday cards. She did a wonderful job capturing through photos my little guy’s personality and the silliness and love that defines our family. We have continued to work with Shelley to take our annual family photos, as well as some newborn shots of our baby girl. Our house is beautifully decorated with images she has taken over the last two years. Shelley has an amazing eye for capturing life’s special little moments. Working with her is a joy. Melissa G.

Shelley photographed the birth of our daughter (our firstborn) and she beautifully captured one of my most favorite days. I will treasure the photos forever – they are tasteful and she captured the emotions of that day so incredibly. Shelley was so patient as our daughter took her sweet time to arrive – she was with us almost a full day waiting and photographing. She is great to work with – very personal and kind – and she was a wonderful encouragement during the delivery process. Shelley was planning to photograph our son’s birth but he came too quickly for us to even get in touch with her! We are forever thankful for the photos Shelley took of our daughter’s birth and would wholeheartedly recommend her photography services. Taylor & Nick N.

I had the privilege of attending a birth as a doula with Shelley as photographer. Our client labored beautifully overnight, and around 6 a.m. was 8-9 cm. I texted Shelley that we were getting close, and she headed up to the hospital to join us soon after. Little did we know, baby P had her own agenda. Mama labored and pushed all day, until P was finally born just after 5 p.m.! Shelley hung with us the whole day, and captured really beautiful moments. The little details, the waiting family, and the big moment of delivery when sweet baby was placed up on mama’s chest. Precious, priceless moments!

Working with Shelley was wonderful. She brought out the big personality in my little girl! Sophie is social, but a little skittish of strangers. 10 minutes in she was hugging and jumping on Shelley and Shelley went with it. I was so impressed with her creativity, her energy and her pure love for photography, mama’s and babies! Kim

Shelley was our birth photographer & I couldn’t have been more pleased with my decision of hiring her! My labor was long (and she was there for much of it!), and my delivery ended up being eventful. Having Shelley there allowed me to be part of some of my baby’s firsts that I was physically unable to do. We have the some of the sweetest, most precious moments of our lives captured forever & I’m wildly grateful. Tori & Ty

Shelley’s style with newborns and families is so delicate and magical. These precious moments are preserved forever with her beautiful signature style. She effortlessly captures the heart of every moment. Her creativity also shines through, as her images are unique and seem to be personalized to the families she is shooting. She takes the time to get to know the families and then authentically and organically brings their essences to life with her camera. The same is true for Shelley’s documentary style photography. Her compassion for the individuals and their stories is evident in the nuanced and inspired photos she so artfully crafts. She passionately believes in the stories being told that are unfolding before the viewer’s eyes. So the finished product is always just exquisite, lovely, and one of a kind! Whether she is shooting groups of families in a camping adventure, family/friends in the midst of their traditional holiday activities, or children exploring nature and other wonders, she truly tells the story through the eyes of the subjects every time. In turn, her images always showcase such depth, character, and love and will be sure to tug at anyone’s heart and soul strings! Our family highly recommends Shelley to help you preserve forever your most special memories and experiences in a way that only she, a true artist can! Kathryn N.

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