For the longest time, my true desire in life was to do something creative with my career. Clocking in and out, night and day in the corporate world didn’t stick and I knew it wasn’t my passion. So, I left my corporate job in 2007 as a finance and accounting recruiter. After much consideration, I decided to pursue a career in photography because it was something I ignored to do for many years. I found that it was the perfect outlet for me to express myself, creating the life I have always wanted.

My photographic journey started in 2002 with film which was a great way to learn my craft; and for personal projects I still shoot with medium format film. Photojournalism is my favorite style of shooting. What I seek in every session is to take photos showing the strength of the individual, to allow the viewer to look deep within oneself and make a connection with their own experiences and struggles. I observe people moving around me in their day to day lives, and seek to learn their stories. I believe that everyone has obstacles they must overcome both positive and negative. My photographs allow me to share the stories and struggles of the subjects I encounter and reveal their inner strengths. The most important factor during a session is for everyone to be themselves. Some images are quiet while others create a frenzy of the observer.

I am a photographer specializing in documentary family portraits and boudoir using available light. With each session, I am in pursuit of using surrounding light to capture a story. Using light in a creative way can bring an otherwise unassuming scene to life. One of my innate skills is interacting with people and putting them at ease. I love nothing more than sitting and sharing stories with strangers over a cup of coffee before I photograph them. I use my love of interacting with people to create intimate portraits. This, I feel, is a strength and unique trait. I am so grateful to be able to photograph for a living. Visual storytelling is my passion. Babies & kids are my loves. Documenting is my life.

So, now that you know little bit about me, please drop me a line or two and say HELLO! I would love to hear from you!


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