Goodbye summer. Hello fall!

Ready or not, fall is here which means Halloween is right around the corner. Last weekend we visited Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. Many families in Austin go there because they offer so many varieties of activities for the entire family to enjoy. We missed out last year so it was very special for us this time around with Jonah and Jalen in tow. We started our adventure by taking a hay ride, got to feed some hungry goats and even tasted their homemade pumpkin and strawberry ice cream.

Jalen takes this ride very seriously, as you can see. His face expressions are priceless! I love how expressive he is, with EVERYTHING in life. I love how funny he is too. He is always cracking jokes and I really love his sense of humor. I need to learn how to laugh and not take life so seriously.

Wasn’t sure how Jonah would be riding alone, but he did just fine. When Jalen is around, he is just as adventurous. Otherwise, he is little bit more cautious than Jalen.

I couldn’t get a decent shot of them together, but at least I got few good shots of them alone, in their space. Jonah won’t look at me when I ask him to, but when I said, “LOLLIPOP”, of course, he looked up!

What a great day at the farm… We will be back soon to pick strawberries and more! This farm is a must if you live in Austin. Be sure to check out their website here. Thanks Sweet Berry Farm for another great family fun!





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