Elaine & John’s Lifestyle Session

I showed up at their house to photograph this couple, but what I got was far more than that. I got a peek into their unconditional love for their furry babies as well as their dynamic relationship that exists between a husband and his wife. Meet Elaine and John Dolecek. They work together, play together and they do it all with such finesse… Here’s a peek into their lives.

Not too long ago, they were both climbing ‘corporate’ ladders, but day John decided to leave his career and start his own company and Elaine joined him. It’s not always easy to leave your careers behind and start something new. That takes guts. That takes a lot of faith in yourself. You also need a lot of support around you to start fresh. I admire people who go after their dreams no matter how small or big it might seem.

John and Elaine are doing just that. And they do it well. You can check out their fabulous work here.

This is Laika. He’s the oldest out of the 3. He loves to relax in his favorite chair and likes to pretend he’s on permanent vacation. He’s gentle, lovable and very affectionate.

Ozzy is their newest addition. He’s young, wild, unpredictable and loves to get attention from John and Elaine. A lot of it. I had a lot of fun chasing him around. Or was it the other way around?

Yummy treats are always in order. They are spoiled, not with just treats, but with so much love. Their love for their furry kids is unconditional and they are luckiest dogs in the world.


Vivie is so photogenic. I loved chasing after him, he loves chasing after his brothers. He noticed my every move and was kind enough to entertain me on this very day.

I have been around John few times now and he’s a funny guy. No doubt. He loves to joke around and Elaine laughs at his jokes. They laugh a lot. TOGETHER.

Elaine is really easy to talk to, smart, beautiful and I can see why they are a great couple. They are equal partners. They have mutual respect for one another. That is a perfect recipe for a great, long-lasting marriage, I would say.

I asked Elaine and John to laugh out loud to capture their genuine laughter. It’s totally silly, I know, but it works every time. I think this image is the one I was hoping for. This is how I see them – they are best friends building a life that is meaningful to them and no one else’s. They love to make each other laugh and live life to the fullest because that’s what makes them happy, joyful and fulfilled. Their love is wide and deep.

Thank you Elaine and John for opening your home to me. I seriously could spend the entire afternoon with you two talking about everything and anything. You made me feel at home. I left happier and lighter!


P.S. Be on the look out for their next session at work. I’ll be visiting them at their studio to learn more about what they do, how they do it and most of all, I’m excited to send my husband to learn from them so he can finally make few book shelves for our library nook that is currently being occupied with boxes! I don’t know who’s more excited – my hubby or me!


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