A Day In The Life Sessions

What is ‘A Day in the Life’ session all about? It’s a photo-journalistic style of recording your real life as a family. Let’s face it, it’s often the ordinary moments that bring us the most extraordinary meaning to our lives. As your family photographer, I’ll be a guest, blending into the background as you go about your day, capturing a range of raw emotions and activities so that when you look back at these pictures, you’ll remember what it was like at this particular moment in time – the sights, the sounds, the feelings.

Some of your most cherished memories come from spending quiet, carefree days with our family – why not distill some of that so you can always have it with you? Because this session is about celebrating connections and personalities, you’re encouraged to be who you are and you’ll never be asked to pose. Instead, I’ll engage in a way that allows you to be real. Whether it’s a fit of giggles or a moment of quiet reflection, it’s all part of life, and therefore part of the story. Your story.

Life is messy. If you want perfect photos with the best lighting, hair and outfit, then this is not the session for you. But if you want organic images that take you back in time, each frame carrying all the honest nuances of a story rich with layered details, capturing all of you in exactly the way you were at this particular moment, then I believe this is the perfect session for your family.

Finding a right photographer for you and your beloved family is one of the best decisions you can make. Contact me today and we can set up your initial phone consultation to discuss the details on any worries or fears about your session. Learning about what you don’t want from a session/photos is just as important as well as learning what you do want. A Day In The Life sessions reveals your family’s everyday life in your home or it could be somewhere else where you create memories and I want to be there to capture it all for you.


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